Aaron Seymour-Anderson — Creative Director

Unstatus Quo


Palms / Unstatus Quo

Forget old Vegas. What happens here resonates everywhere.

Las Vegas had been offering the same clichés for decades. So for the relaunch of the Palms resort, we set out to subvert the tired expectations of what Vegas has become—and bring culture back to a city that had lost it.

To bring this notion to life, we summoned a crew of Palms’ friends and resident artists. Rule-breakers, each masters in the art of breaking the status quo. With them, we created a series of culture-jamming art pieces, products and experiences—and a ton of content—all of which proved Palms is different by design. See below and visit here for even more details.


Case Study

Launch Film

The #UnstatusQuo Crew of Influence

An incredible cast of Palms characters was assembled for this effort. The collection of talent isn’t about celebrity for celebrity sake.
It’s a reflection of Palms’ authentic connection to music, art, and culture—from a Cardi B residency to a chef Michael Symon restaurant to
the world’s most expensive hotel room designed by Damien Hirst, naming just a few examples.

Below are highlights from the 40+ additional content pieces.

Goodbye, Old Vegas

Cardi B - Money

Ozuna - Tea

Chris Staples - In-Room Dunk Service

Andy Warhol Ping Pong

REVOK - Rooftop Stunt

Ken Block - Donuts

Dapper Dan & Ezra Miller - Gucci Jacket

Gary Stranger - New Vegas, Nevada


Unstatus Quo Drops

The Palms brand launch film was also the only way to get one-of-a-kind art pieces and products.

 We hacked the YouTube Cards functionality to drop exclusive creations from leading artists and
brands within our film. Pieces from Joshua Vides & Nike, REVOK, Dapper Dan & Gucci, and many
others were only available to those who watched the Unstatus Quo launch film.

The Brand & Music Partnership

A new, unreleased track by Duckwrth featuring James Brown was created as the soundtrack for
the series of films. It was released in unison with the campaign across all major music streaming services,
including Apple Music and Spotify. The brand partnership included naming the track "Unstatus Quo"
and designing the album cover art, in partnership with artist REVOK. 

"Unstatus Quo" debuted as #5 on the Anti Pop playlist on Spotify.


Role: Creative Director
Team: Alice Chiapperini, Matteo Capaldi, Dustin Freeman, Daniel Jones, Thomas Martin, Rodrigo Moyses, Carlos Bernal, Benjamin Parisot,
Alec Black, SJ, Pedro Sanguine, Sammi Chancey, Toby Barnes, Mariana Pacheco, Tyler Hilton, Christine Dippold and many, many others.

Director: Sam Brown / DP: Benoit Debie / CD @ Palms: Tal Cooperman / GM @ Palms: Jon Gray