Aaron Seymour-Anderson — Creative Director
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Nike+ Trial Zone


Nike+ Trial Zone

As part of developing the store of the future with Nike, we created: Nike+ Trial Zone. The most digitally-advanced, true-to-sport product trialing experience ever created. 

From interactive, motion tracking enabled basketball courts to fully immersive running experiences, Trial Zone serves one core purpose — to ensure people find the perfect shoe for their athletic and sport endeavors.

A year in the making, Trial Zone is a bespoke service we built from the ground up, that is now a leading experience at Nike stores across the globe — New York, Paris, Beijing, Miami, Moscow with more to come. Check out the below and feel free to find even more details here.


Case Study

Role: Creative Director
Team: Daniel Jones, Toby Barnes, Rodrigo Moyses, Carlos Bernal, Benjamin Parisot, Thom Lovegrove, Whitney Jenkins,
Brett Reese, Alice Chiapperini, Matteo Capaldi, Carlos Arias, Ji Won Lee, Abby Bridges, Erich Quist, Scott Provan

Honors: One Show - Experiential/Digital Installations Shortlist 2018, Cannes - Digital Craft/Experience Design Shortlist 2017