Aaron Seymour-Anderson — Creative Director

Cadillac ATS vs The World


Cadillac ATS Vs The World

The ATS is unlike any car Cadillac has ever made—it's smaller, lighter and more agile. It represents a new chapter for this iconic brand, and was literally built from the ground up to go head-to-head with the world's best luxury sport sedan: the BMW 3-series. 

As such, we took this American car on an adventure around the globe to prove it could compete with the world's best.


Campaign Launch Film

Campaign Site - Housing over 20 films that show how the global adventure unfolded

:30 TV Spots - A few of the many we created for this project

Content Films - Morocco Overview & Challenge

China - Tagou Kung Fu School

Patagonia - Behind the Scenes

Morocco - Erfoud Sand Dudes in Sahara Desert


Role: Art Director
Team: Heath Pochucha, Mike Fetrow, Jessica Walden-Morden, Bruce Bildsten, Todd Riddle, Jennifer David, Corey Esse

Honors: One Show Entertainment Bronze 2013, Effie Gold 2014, Communication Arts 2013, FWA Site of the Day — August 28, 2012