Aaron Seymour-Anderson — Creative Director




A brand designed by real-time sound and data.

With a name already decided by the client, we were tasked with creating a logo and brand identity for North America’s biggest nightclub. With 100,000 square feet, 120,000,000 pixels-worth of LED screens and 20,000 clubgoers per day, KAOS reigns as North America’s largest nightclub. Our challenge: create a visual identity that matches the club’s massive ambition.

So we didn't just design a logo—we created a reactive audio fingerprint that’s always evolving, always unique and at the heart of our generative brand design system. See below for how the brand came to life and check out the case study site here for more details.


Case Study

Audio Fingerprint Generator

We built a logo generator that captures and reactively maps audio data to visual outputs
in real-time. This enables artists and visitors to KAOS (and its website) to input their favorite song,
or use their voice, to create an infinite number of unique audio fingerprints. Visit the generator here.

In total, we used 16 different audio variables – such as bass, pitch, BPM – to affect 60 visual variables.


An infinite expression of the brand

Building a generative brand powered by real-time sound and data, enables us to personalize
every piece of communication, ensuring that the KAOS brand captures the energy and individuality of every night,
every artist and every clubgoer — in a way that can never be replicated.

Role: Creative Director
Team: Carlos Bernal, Pedro Sanguine, Terry Lee, Ian Liu, Daniel Jones, An Doan