Aaron Seymour-Anderson — Creative Director

Palms / From Dust to Gold


Palms / From Dust to Gold

Destroying the old to create the new. To attract guests to the iconic Las Vegas resort, From Dust to Gold embraces the demolition of Palms’ storied past — literally destroying the old — to build anticipation for the progress of the new property. Featuring work by Damien Hirst, REVOK, Academy Award-winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren and legendary director Paul Hunter. More details can be found on Hypebeast, AdWeek, The Drum or the campaign microsite.


Launch Film


Campaign Teaser

To tease the campaign, we launched with a film starring the infamous artist, REVOK. In the sprit of destroying to create,
he blessed the rooftop of one of the Palms towers with his iconic 8 can spray machine. A stunt, ad and art piece all-in-one.


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Social Teasers & GIFs


Print, OOH & Brand Design



The campaign was shot on 35mm film

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Director: Paul Hunter / DP: Linus Sandgren / Artist: Revok / Artist: Damien Hirst / CD @ Palms: Tal Cooperman / GM @ Palms: Jon Gray

Role: Creative Director
Core team: Alice Chiapperini, Matteo Capaldi, Carlos Bernal, Dustin Freeman, Daniel Jones